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Planning & Development
The Town of Redcliff’s planning and development functions fall under the Planning and Engineering department. Our staff strive to provide a comfortable and straight forward approach to helping customers with Subdivision and Land Use Amendment applications, Development Permits, Compliance requests and issuance of Plumbing, Gas, and Electrical Permits.

We also provide advice to Town Council, the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board, and the Municipal Planning Commission on applications or potential development through interpretation of the Town of Redcliff’s Municipal Development Plan, Land Use Bylaw, Municipal Government Act, and additional plans and policies.

Our development staff is available to answer any questions you may have about the application process, policies, the Land Use Bylaw, property specifications (e.g. zoning, lot size, property line locations).

Click HERE to learn more about the Town of Redcliff’s Municipal Development Plan Update project

Engineering is responsible for the review and approval of all engineering requirements for new subdivisions, capital projects, and other infrastructure including, but not limited to, roads, surface drains, sidewalks, curbs & gutters, asphalt, stormwater, and sanitary and water infrastructure.

We ensure that the Town of Redcliff   Town of Redcliff Construction Standards (2014) and  Town of Redcliff Design Guidelines (2014) are followed. We also work closely with outside consultants and contractors in relation to existing and future projects.

What is Development?
Typically, development involves construction or modification of a building or structure, but it can also include demolition, excavation or a change in use; be it a new use or change in intensity of the existing use. In most cases a Development Permit is required prior to the start of development; however there are some exceptions where a permit may not be required. If you have any questions whether the scope of work you are going to do is considered development and whether it requires a permit, please stop by our office or contact the Planning and Development Department at 403-548-3618.

You may apply for a Development Permit at the Town Office. With each application for development, a completed Development Permit Application form is required along with the supporting information and fee. A number of common development forms and applications are available on our forms page.

How do I apply for a Building, Electrical, Gas, Plumbing or Private Sewage System Permit?
All Safety Codes Permits (Building, Electrical, Plumbing, Gas & Private Sewage Systems) for work in the Town are to be applied for through the Town of Redcliff. Applications can be made at the Town Office, and applications are available on our forms page.

The following projects are scheduled for 2017:

Westside Slope Failures

Dirt moving and trail rehabilitation on the project are complete. Site is planned to be seeded this fall. Please stay off of the disturbed slopes.

Riverview Phase 1 Road Rehabilitation

Riverview Phase 1 Road Rehabilitation project is complete with the exception of some minor clean-up work and the top lift paving.
The road structure found during the work carried out this year was vastly different than what had been expected. This resulted in all of the asphalt being removed. It also gave the Town the opportunity to utilize what is known in the industry as a two lift process.
A two lift process is used in all new developments in this area as it results in a much better final product. The first lift is put down in year one and the second lift is put down in the second or third year. This gives the subsoils a chance to settle and move to the new condition. In the case of Riverview Phase 1 where we installed weeping tile along the edge of the roads the weeping tile will change the groundwater situation which may lead to some localized settlements. Typically most settlements will occur after the first winter.
The current plan is to allow the road to remain as is over the winter. The road currently has thicker asphalt than was on the road prior to work beginning and is thick enough to carry snow plows, fire trucks, garbage trucks, etc. and will provide a good level of service. In the spring of 2018 the road will be reviewed and any settlements and concrete deficiencies repaired prior to top lifting of the road. Top lifting of the road will occur soon after the asphalt plants are fired up in the spring of 2018. The contractor and the budget for this work has already been lined up.
We appreciate that road will not be in a perfect condition this winter and will be somewhat of an inconvenience to the residents. This was weighed against the opportunity provide an improved life and long term operation to the road.

3rd Avenue and 3rd Street NW Lift Station Surge Tank

This project has been delayed and construction is now scheduled to commence in the spring of 2018 to avoid winter construction. Some preliminary work may be done prior to the spring.

Broadway Avenue and Mitchell Street Intersection

This project has been delayed until Spring 2018.

Municipal Development Plan (MDP) Update

Background data collection for the MDP includes a history of urban planning in Redcliff, population study, and a review of provincial legislation. Work is currently being done on economics, and a land inventory.
Input on the Municipal Development Plan to date has included surveys and community mapping at Redcliff Days and the Fall Festival. Visioning and goal-setting workshops were conducted with Town of Redcliff staff and grade 6 students at Margaret Wooding School in September 2017. Public workshops will be held in November 2017. A steering committee made up of public members will also be appointed to provide input on the MDP.
Click HERE to learn more about the Town of Redcliff’s Municipal Development Plan Update project


Contact Information
Main Department Line:  403-548-9263
Director of Planning & Engineering, James Johansen:  403-548-9263 /