Redcliff’s Town Council fulfills the legislative function of the Town’s municipal government.  Council is responsible for establishing corporate policy and setting strategic priorities for Town staff through effective, innovative, responsible leadership and consultation.

Strategic Plan 2018-2021.

Government plays an important role in the lives of every person. It’s government that decides how resources will be allocated in an effort to meet the needs of society.

The Town of Redcliff employs the council-manager form of municipal government. Redcliff is administered by a seven member town council which oversees all issues pertaining to the Town of Redcliff. Town of Redcliff residents elect seven members of the town council to include one mayor and six councilors.

The town’s daily operations are run by the Municipal Manager. One of his tasks is to work with his senior administration team to develop and deliver a wide range of programs and services to residents. The senior administration team identifies opportunities to enhance the quality of life for the community.