Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

When is the Office Open?

Town Office
Monday to Friday
8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Public Services Office
Summer Hours (May 1 – Aug. 31)
Monday to Friday
7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Winter Hours (Sept. 1 – Apr. 30)
Monday to Friday
8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

We are closed on Statutory Holidays.

How do I apply for one of the Town Boards or Commissions?

To apply for a position on one of the Town Boards or Commissions complete the application form and submit it to the Town Office (#1 – 3rd Street NE) to the attention of Manager of Legislative and Land Services.  Your application will be considered by Redcliff Town Council.  To view more information about each Board or Commission and any vacancies please see Boards and Commissions.

I have a complaint. Who do I talk to about my concerns?

You should first contact the appropriate department where they will make all effort to address your concerns or questions. Further action beyond a particular department can be directed to the Municipal Manager and ultimately to Council if appropriate.



Can the public attend a Town Council meeting to watch proceedings?

Yes.  Councils and council committees must conduct their meetings in public unless a matter to be discussed falls under an exception to disclosure as detailed in legislation.  Redcliff Council promotes and encourages citizens to attend meetings.  Agendas are posted on the website so that people can see in advance what items will be discussed at upcoming meetings.

Can the public make a presentation at a Town Council meeting?

Yes. Individuals or groups may request an appointment for the purposes of making a presentation to be heard by Council as a delegation. Delegates must submit a request in writing for an appointment with Council to the Municipal Manager. All delegates are required to provide written documentation to the Municipal Manager which clearly outlines the nature of their business for inclusion in the Agenda Package. Written submissions must be typewritten or legibly written by hand, be signed by the correct name of the writer, contain the full mailing address of the writer and indicate if the writer wishes to address Council on the matter or to answer questions. All documentation is to be submitted not less than seven (7) working days in advance of the regular Council meeting date. A presentation request shall not be confirmed as being on a meeting agenda until the agenda has been reviewed by the Municipal Manager and Mayor, or their designates.

The Municipal Manager will review the request in consultation with any affected departments and may:
a) Add the appointment to the next regular Council meeting agenda; or
b) Add the appointment to a future regular Council meeting agenda if:
i. requested by the individual or group making the request; or
ii. Administration requires more time to properly investigate and report on the matter.

Presentations before Council shall be limited to Ten (10) minutes unless the the Mayor or Presiding Officer determines that additional time shall be granted, additional time shall be granted in the length specified by the Mayor or Presiding Officer.

Further details regarding presentations to Council may be found in the Town of Redcliff Procedural Bylaw.

When and where are Town Council meetings held?

Town Council meetings are held the 2nd and 4th Mondays of the month with the exception of July, August and December.  In July and August, Council meetings are held on the third Monday of the Month.  In December, Council meetings are held the 2nd Monday of the Month.  In the event a Council meeting falls on a statutory holiday, the Council meeting would be held on the Tuesday.  Council meetings begin at 7:00 p.m.

Council meetings are held in the Council Chambers at the Town Office (#1 – 3 Street NE).

Can I make and organize a petition to Council?

Yes.  The Municipal Government Act details the rules applicable to all legally binding petitions to a Council and the Minister under the Act.  Informal petitions can also be made to Council.  For more information on petitions visit our Legislative and Land Services Department page.


Taxes & Utilities

What utilities can be signed on with the Town of Redcliff?

The Town of Redcliff provides residents and resident businesses with Water, Sanitary Sewer and Garbage service. Electric and Natural Gas utility services are provided by the City of Medicine Hat.

What do I need to sign on to Town Redcliff utilities?

Please sign on to utilities at the Town of Redcliff Office two to three days before you take responsibility for a property’s utilities. When you come to the Office to sign on utilities remember to bring identification.

Effectively May 1, 2017, as per Water Rates Bylaw (1833/2016), Garbage Rates Bylaw (1835/2016), and Sewer Rates Bylaw (1839/2016), only the owner of the property can sign on to Town Redcliff utilities. Utility deposits and disconnections are eliminated except for the bulk water service.

For the existing tenants on the Town’s utility accounts, they remain signed on until they move out or become sixty days delinquent on payments.

When should I expect my bills, statements and tax notices?

You should expect your tax notice in the mail each year in late May, supplemental tax notices are mailed by December 31st and should arrive in early January. Utility bills are sent every second month, and should be expected in the third week of January, March, May, July, September and November. For those wishing to receive their utility bills by email please fill out the registration form. General receivables statements and invoices are sent out during the second week of each month.

**If you are concerned you have not received your bill please contact the Town Office at 403-548-3618 to avoid any penalties for late payments.

How can I pay my Town of Redcliff Taxes, Utilities & Other invoices?

The following methods of payment are available:

New payment option for Tax: Tax Installment Payment Plan (Tax TIPP), please apply for it prior to January 31st for the property taxes for that year.

New payment option for Utility: Preauthorized Payment Plan (Utility PAP), you can apply for it any time during the year if your utility account is at zero balance and in good standing.

At the Town Office (1 – 3 Street NE) Monday to Friday 8:00am – 4:30pm
Drop Box (24 hours a day) to the right of the front door of the Town Office
Telebanking or Internet banking
By mail to PO Box 40, Redcliff, Alberta, T0J 2P0
Please make any cheques payable to the Town of Redcliff
Please remember to allow enough time for posted items to meet penalty dates.

What is the actual tax year and when are taxes due?

The property tax year runs from January 1st to December 31st and taxes are due on the final business day of June each year.

What can I do if I don’t agree with my property assessment?

Prior to filling a written complaint, you are encouraged to contact the Town of Redcliff Assessor’s Office (Benchmark Assessment Consultants, Inc.). The Assessor will be pleased to review the assessment with you. If the Assessor determines that an error has been made, your assessment will be revised.

Please contact the Assessment & Taxation Department at:
Phone: 403-548-3618
Fax: 403-548-6623
Benchmark Assessment Consultants Inc.
Assessor, Town of Redcliff
#4 – 320 W. T. HILL BLVD
Lethbridge, AB T1J 4W9

If the above doesn’t provide the clarification you are looking for, an assessment complaint may be filed with the Assessment Review Board. Additional information on this process and fee can be found in our Property Assessment Brochure .

Can I prearrange monthly payments on my taxes or Utility account?

Yes, you can prearrange monthly payments on your taxes through Tax Installment Payment Plan (Tax TIPP), please apply for it prior to January 31st for the property taxes for that year.

Yes, you can prearrange monthly payments on your utility through Preauthorized Payment Plan (Utility PAP). You can apply for it any time during the year if your utility account is at zero balance and in good standing.

Where do my property tax dollars actually go?

This Chart breaks down how the 2018 Property Tax dollars are distributed.


Bylaw Enforcement

My dog / cat has gone missing – what do I do?

Contact the Town Office at 403-548-3618 or the Medicine Hat SPCA and report that your dog or cat has gone missing.  Your pet may have been located and is in the pound.

I need a cat trap – who do I call?

Contact the Town Office at 403-548-9246 and speak with the Bylaw Enforcement Officer.

Cat Traps may be loaned to any person for a period lasting until Friday of the week in which the trap was borrowed. The trap must be returned by the borrower to the Public Services Department before 3:00 p.m. on the Friday of the week in which the trap was borrowed.

The Bylaw Enforcement Officer may charge the person borrowing the trap up to $20.00 for any damage to the trap while being loaned, reasonable wear and tear excepted.

The Bylaw Enforcement Officer shall not lend out a trap when the temperature is below -5 degrees Celsius at the time of lending the trap.

Do I need a dog license?

Yes, every person who resides within the municipal boundaries of the Town of Redcliff and is the owner of a dog three (3) months and older is required to get a dog license.

For more detailed information please refer to the Town of Redcliff Bylaws.

Do I need a cat license?

No, cats are not required to be licensed in the Town of Redcliff.  However, there are regulations pertaining to cats.

For more detailed information please refer to the Town of Redcliff Bylaws.

Does the Town of Redcliff have a Noise Bylaw?

Yes.  For more detailed information please refer to the Town of Redcliff Bylaws.


Community Services

How do I find out what programs are currently being offered through the Town of Redcliff?

A variety of recreation classes and FCSS programs are offered for youth and adults.  More details can be found by clicking Recreation, FCSS or simply by contacting the Community Services Department.

What are the Lions Park Water Park Hours of Operation?

The hours of operation for the playground will primarily be Victoria Day weekend to Labour Day Weekend (weather permitting) between the hours of 11:00 a.m to 8:00 p.m.  If there is an outside temperature of less than 19 degrees Celsius the water park will not be operating.

When is Public Skating?

The Redcliff Rec-Tangle is typically open from October to the end of March.  Please refer to the for times.

Are there any camping facilities in the Town of Redcliff?

Yes. Redcliff’s campground is located off Broadway Ave. next to the Ball Diamonds. With a total of 48 units, electricity, centrally located water, sewage disposal, and showers/washrooms our campground provides a great place to stop in for a visit while enjoying everything else our Town and Region has to offer.  No reservations are required and the rates for tent sites are $20 per night and $30 per night for a camper, trailer, or recreational vehicle (maximum 14 night stay).


Public Services

What could be causing the sewer smell in my basement?

If there is a sewer smell in your basement, but your sewer appears to be fine and not backing up, the most common fault is the water in the basement floor drain “P” trap has evaporated and is allowing the sewer smell to enter your home. Simply add 4 to 5 litres of water directly into the floor drain.

Alternatively, if you notice a smell in the winter months, check your roof vent to make sure it is not plugged with snow or ice. Once the vent is cleared the smell should dissipate.

Is the water safe to drink?

Yes your water is safe to drink. The water that leaves the Town of Redcliff Water Treatment Plant meets or exceeds all conditions of the “Guidelines for Canadian Drinking Water Quality” standards. The Town of Redcliff tests the water continually for quality and follows all provincial and federal guidelines to ensure the water is safe. Should there be a non-compliance issue, water treatment plant staff are required to report the incident immediately to the public health authority.

Why does the water taste and smell different?

The Town of Redcliff uses surface water supply from the South Saskatchewan River as the source of drinking water for the community. All surface water supplies are susceptible to high turbidity and high organic loading during the annual spring snow melt and runoff. These conditions can give the raw water a disagreeable odor and taste. The current treatment process at our water treatment plant is capable of removing some of these taste and odor conditions.

Where do I report a problem with my road or sidewalk?

To report a problem with your road or sidewalk, please contact Public Services at (403) 548-9253.

How do I report a burned out streetlight?

Each streetlight has a tag on it with a number. If problems arise with the streetlights or the lights are out, make note of the Tag #(s). Contact the City of Medicine Hat Electric Department to report the problem along with the tag #(s)

What is the process for snow removal?

The Public Services Department is responsible for the winter road maintenance. Their goal is to provide a level of service that will prevent or reduce accident or injury to residents, to reduce the economic losses to the community, and to facilitate the response to emergencies by Police, Fire, and Ambulance services.

Winter road maintenance activities include application of sand or sand/salt combinations when driving conditions deteriorate; this also includes plowing and removal of snow on selected roadways. The primary goal during any snowstorm is to keep primary and collector streets open and safe for the motoring public. Priority is given to Emergency Routes, School Zones and the Downtown Commercial Area.

For more detailed information please refer to the Town of Redcliff Sanding and Snow Clearing of Streets Procedure No. 020 (2009)

What do I do if my sewer backs up?

If you are experiencing a backup in your service line, you may obtain a plumbing snake from the Public Services Dept. during regular business hours at 403-548-9253. Alternately, you may contact a plumber or drain cleaning contractor to clear the blockage. If the blockage occurs in your service line on your property it is the homeowner’s responsibility to clear and repair the blockage.

If you suspect a blockage in the main line in the street, you should contact the Public Services Department at 403-548-9253 during regular business hours or the Town of Redcliff After Hours Emergency Number at 403-502-8836.

For more detailed information please refer to the Town of Redcliff Sanitary Sewer Blockage Policy No. 035 (2009)

What do I do if I see water running down a street?

If you happen to see large volumes of water on a street or running down a street that shouldn’t be present due to natural runoff or precipitation please call Public Services Dept. during regular business hours at 403-548-9253 or after hour’s emergency at 403-502-8836


Planning & Engineering

Can I change/modify the grading on my property by either raising or lowering the grades?

You can modify the grading on your property, however changing the grading on your property must be done so that the grading and drainage of your property does not impact a neighbours property. Changing the grading on your property may be leaving you exposed to private civil action from a neighbouring property owner(s) that have been affected and/or have experienced property damage as a result of any modifications made to your property including damage from runoff being blocked from draining through your property. For this reason it is recommended that anyone wishing to change the grading on their property before making any changes consult with:

• their neighbours, and
• engineering professionals experienced in the grading of properties.

The Town regards grading issues between property owners as a private matter as it has no jurisdiction unless the Town’s property or road right-of-way are impacted by the grading. The only other times when the Town has an interest in the grading of private property is when the property in question is under the conditions of a subdivision approval, development approval, development agreement, caveat registered on the title by the Town or conditions of sale of Town land

Who do I contact if I have questions about sanitary, water and road work projects in Town?

Contact the Town’s Planning & Engineering Department for major municipal projects related to roads, water, storm water and sanitary. For minor maintenance works, contact the Town’s Public Services Department.

Where do I find Town’s design guidelines and construction standards related to storm system?

Currently under review please contact the Town’s Planning & Engineering Department with specific questions.

When do I need a Development Permit?

Development is defined as:

• construction of a building or structure,
• addition to a building or structure,
• modification of a building or structure,
• demolition of a building or structure,
• excavation or stockpile,
• change in use, or
• change in intensity of the existing use.

Some developments have been exempted in the Land Use Bylaw from requiring a Development Permit. The Land Use Bylaw is available on the Bylaws page.

A Development Permit is required prior to the start of development.

If you have any questions whether the scope of work you are going to do is considered development and whether it requires a permit, please stop by the office or contact the Planning and Engineering Department at 403-548-9263.

How do I apply for a Development Permit?

Development Permits are applied for at the Town Office. Each application for a Development Permit, a completed Development Permit Application form is required along with the supporting information and fee. Additional information and forms are available by going to the Planning & Engineering portion of our website

How do I apply for a Building Permit?

All Safety Codes Permits (Building, Electrical, Plumbing, Gas & Private Sewage Systems) for work in the Town are to be applied for through the Town of Redcliff. Applications can be made at the Town Office.


Fire Department

What level of Fire Protection Services are offered by Redcliff Fire and Rescue?

The Town of Redcliff department is a volunteer department that provides primary fire and emergency medical services to the Town.  The department has a volunteer staff of approximately 21 active members managed by a part-time Chief.

How can I become a volunteer firefighter?

The Town of Redcliff from time to time seeks volunteers to fill roster spots due to changes or growth experienced by the Town.  Normally, active recruitments are posted in local papers or on the Town’s website however, we encourage anyone who might be interested to come to the Town office to fill out an application at any time which would be considered during recruitment initiatives.  Basic requirements include being a resident of Redcliff, at least 18 years of age, and to be physically fit.  For more information about being a volunteer firefighter, including compensation, contact the Chief at

I live in Town and would like a backyard fire pit. What do I do?

The Town of Redcliff has a Burning Bylaw (1347/2003) that details this information.

What restrictions are placed on Fireworks?

The Town of Redcliff has a Fireworks Bylaw (1375/2003) that authorizes the control of fireworks within the Town.  The Bylaw states that no person shall ignite fireworks unless they have obtained a fireworks ignition permit and is qualified as a fireworks supervisor under the Government of Canada Natural Resources.  The Fire Chief may, upon written application in a prescribed form, issue a fireworks ignition permit and, in doing so, may impose any terms, conditions or restrictions that he may consider necessary in order to ensure the safety of the citizens of the Town.