Assessment & Taxes


The primary responsibility of the Assessment office is to determine the market value of every property in the Town of Redcliff so that an equitable distribution of taxation for public services is shared amongst all ratepayers.  Assessment for the Town of Redcliff is contracted to Benchmark Assessments Consultants based out of Lethbridge, AB.

The Assessment Roll is a list of all properties along with their current assessment value as determined annually by our assessor.  For your convenience, you may view the current Assessment Roll 2018 .  This information has been modified to allow for posting on the website.  For more detailed information on the assessment roll please contact the Town Office.

For detailed information about the tax auction, please view our 2018 Tax Brochure .

For assessment complaints please read the brochure above for more information regarding process, fees, and timelines.  If after doing so you would like to submit an appeal form you may find it in our forms section.

Supplementary Assessment

Supplementary assessment is an assessment on improvements added to land during the taxation year.  The municipality must pass a bylaw to assess these improvements, and then may collect property taxes prorated for the portion of the current year that the improvement is completed, occupied or in operation in the municipality.  Supplementary assessment notices must be sent to the assessed owner before the end of the calendar year.


A tax rate is the rate of taxation applied against the value of property within a municipality to collect the revenue required by the various taxation authorities.  Normally, the tax rate is expressed in “mills” (dollars in tax paid per thousand dollars of property value) or sometimes as a percentage of the property’s value.  Tax rates cannot be appealed as they are based on budget requirements and the total assessed property value located within the Town.  For more information on Assessment, including appealing an assessment, view our brochure listed above.

Basic information on taxes and assessment can be found by visiting our Frequently Asked Questions section.

Details related to paying your taxes can be viewed on our General Finance Information page.

Seniors Property Tax Deferral

The Seniors Property Tax Deferral Program (SPTDP) allows eligible senior homeowners to defer all or part of their property taxes through a low-interest home equity loan with the Alberta Government. HOW IT WORKS: If you qualify, the Alberta Government will pay your residential property taxes directly to your municipality on your behalf. You re-pay the loan, with interest, when you sell the home, or sooner if you wish. For more information on the Seniors Property Tax Deferral Program see the Brochure and Application on our forms page.