The Town of Redcliff provides water, wastewater, and garbage services.  Electrical and Gas Distribution, as well as retail supply for the majority of residents and businesses, is provided by the City of Medicine Hat.  For information related to electric or gas utilities please contact the City of Medicine Hat.

Basic information related to utilities can also be found by visiting Frequently Asked Questions.
Town of Redcliff utility rates can be found on our bylaws page.


The water utility serves more than 2350 homes and businesses within the corporate limits of Redcliff.  Water is drawn from the South Saskatchewan River, treated at our own plant, and distributed throughout Town by approximately 60 km of water lines.  Redcliff is currently in the design phase for a new Water Treatment Plant scheduled for completion in early 2014.


Wastewater is collected throughout Town and then sent to the City of Medicine Hat for processing.


Information related to Redcliff Garbage services can be found here.

Utility Sign on

Utility sign on must be completed at the Town office.  Government picture ID is required when signing on and applicants will be asked for their mailing address. Payment options can be viewed on our General Finance Information page.

Payment Arrangements and Disconnection

A disconnection notice is your reminder that your account is past due and will be disconnected if not paid.  Payment arrangements and extensions may be allowed to avert disconnection by calling the Finance and Administration Department.  If you are disconnected, payment of the outstanding amount plus a reconnection fee must take place before service will be restored.  After-hours (Public Services Department hours) reconnection is possible by calling the after-hours emergency line.

Meter Reading

Meters are read every two months as part of the billing cycle.  Your meter is located inside your home, usually in a basement utility room.  Higher than normal usage is usually not associated with a broken meter; however, you may request a meter test by contacting the Finance and Administration Department (applicable deposit will apply).  Please view our Water Conservation Tips for ways to reduce the amount of water used.