Land Sales

The Town of Redcliff believes strongly in creating vibrant and sustainable communities for generations to come. The Town has had great success in achieving this goal by being a leading land developer in the community. Over the last decade or so, Redcliff has developed and sold over 100 acres of serviced commercial land and are in the process of developing more commercial land in the north part of Town. The location, with easy access to Medicine Hat and the Trans-Canada Highway provide a great appeal to those looking to invest in the area.

The Town has developed Eastside Phase 1 and is selling lots. This beautiful development is located close to the golf course and is the main future growth area for the Town for decades to come. Redcliff’s location next to a major centre, affordable living, and small town atmosphere all provide a very economical and attractive option for anyone looking to relocate to, or within Redcliff.

For details on Eastside development requirements, availability, and pricing you can contact the Legislative & Land Services Department

For additional information please view our Land Sales Map and Land Sales Policy.

The Town of Redcliff from time to time has other municipal land and/or buildings available for sale or consideration of offers, or is aware of private commercial land/building availability. The Town of Redcliff would also be very open to discussing combined development partnerships or negotiating with private developers for them to take on major planned residential and commercial future growth. Please contact the Legislative & Land Services Department and they will be more than happy to help in this regard.