The Town of Redcliff maintains municipal bylaws to ensure the safety, security, and quality of life for residents, property owners and commercial interests.  Bylaws state regulations for issues including animal control, roadways, nuisance complaints, utility rates, property use, land use, business activity, and development.  Although the following is not a full listing of the bylaws for the Town of Redcliff, they are some of the most common.

Copies of bylaws and policies are available at the municipal office for viewing.  If you want to review a bylaw or policy, or if you have a question, please contact the municipal office at 403-548-3618. Copies may be purchased at the established rates.

Here are some of the most commonly requested bylaws:

Business License Bylaw - 1618/2009
Cat Bylaw 1439/2005
Cemetery Bylaw - 1754/2013
Dog Control Bylaw 1810/2015
Eastside Area Structure Plan Bylaw 1807/2015
Emergency Management Bylaw 1803/2015
False Alarm Bylaw - 1660/2010
Family and Community Support Services Board Bylaw 1823/2016
Federal Cannabis Legalization - Bylaw 1860/2018 (Amending Bylaw 1698/2011 Land Use)
Fees, Rates & Charges Bylaw 1865/2018
Fire Services Bylaw - 1757/2013
Garbage Rates and Collection Bylaw 1864/2018
Land Use Bylaw 1698/2011 (Including Amendments)
Municipal Development Plan Bylaw 1656/2010
Municipal Planning Commission Bylaw - 1826/2016
Noise Control Bylaw - 1186/98
Northside Area Structure Plan Bylaw - 1626/2009
Nuisance and Unsightly Premises Bylaw - 1788/2014
Off-site Levies Amending Bylaw (1844/2017)
Procedural Bylaw 1804/2015
Property Tax Penalty Bylaw 1832/2016
Recreational Services Bylaw - 1193/99
Restricted Animal Bylaw - 1452/2005
Sewer Rate Bylaw 1849/2017 (effective January 1, 2018)
Sewer System Bylaw - 1218/1999
Smoke-Free Bylaw 1868/2018
Street Bylaw 1824/2016
Subdivision and Development Appeal Board (Bylaw 1857/2018)
Subdivision Approving Authority Bylaw - 1827/2016
Supplementary Assessment Bylaw (1855/2018)
Tax Instalment Payment Plan Bylaw 1806/2015
Tax Rate Bylaw - 1862/2018
Traffic Bylaw (1780/2014)
Tri-Area Intermunicipal Development Plan - Bylaw 1616/2009 (includes amendment)
Water Rates Bylaw 1848/2017 (effective January 1, 2018)